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Another band that I absolutely love.  Punchline just recently released their newest disc, Delightfully Pleased on their own Modern Short Stories record label.  They are a band that is absolutely 100% into the music they make.  The first time I saw them was in December of 2003, opening up for

Catch-22 and Fall Out Boy.  Since then, I’ve watched them play countless times, and I have never been disappointed.  They are one of those bands that you can listen to anytime, because they can always put you in a good mood.  The latest disc is filled with catchy tunes that remind me of an oldie but goodie by them, Action.  Though the lineup has changed throughout the years, the passion and talent that has come out of Punchline has not.  If you’ve got a chance to see them, take it, because you will not regret it.

I’ll make a few suggestions from Delightfully Pleased, but I fully back all of their albums.


“21 Forever”

“Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want”


And some their past discs…



37 Everywhere

Just Say Yes

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Past bands of the month

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August: Bayside

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