Hello Visitors!

This little section contains some information about this website and about myself!

If you want to get in touch with me, please feel free to use the following methods!

Spotlight started when I was 15 years old and wanted to be able to get involved in the music industry.

Since I began the website, I've had a few moments of hiatus and a quite a fair share of updates. I have now

graduated college, and have received a Bachelor of Science in Sports, Entertainment and Event Management with a

concentration in Entertainment Management. I am currently on the search for a full-time position and in the meantime,

want to be able to cover as many concerts, events and bands on this website as I can. I started this because I absolutely

love music, going to shows, taking pictures, and meeting people. None of that has changed, and I hope to be able to

continue doing these things well into the future, both on a personal and professional level. You can find me at shows all over

the place, but mostly in the New England area and in Florida. Keep your eyes peeled, and you just might spot me... I'll be

the one with the big hair.

Please feel free to look around the site and come back soon! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me through the links

provided at the top of this page! Thank you so much for visiting!